[RP TownTalk] Urban agriculture ... in RP?

Regina M. Kreger regina at kreger.net
Wed Nov 22 02:24:53 UTC 2006

The first 2007 seed catalogs arrived today.  I was thinking .......... 
I'd love to hook up with others in RP who are into growing fruits and 
veggies. We could share seeds and seedlings, recipes, tips and tricks, 
truckloads of compost ... have canning parties, swap excess produce or 
pool it to make it worth the soup kitchen's while. Mainly just mutual 

When I bought this house in 2004, I chose it for the big, sunny yard. 
The house was practically an afterthought ... I wanted to GARDEN. Well, 
the realities of a day  job, a fundamentally lazy disposition, and those 
VICIOUS mosquitos have set in. But I won't give up!

So anyone else interested in a RP kitchen gardeners' club?  Or failing 
that, just a gardeners' club, whether for the kitchen or not?

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