[RP TownTalk] Calvert Park

Andrew Farrington somefool at dvnt.com
Tue Nov 28 00:39:17 UTC 2006

Kira,  Thanks for posting!

I have not seen Calvert Park in anything but good shape, but then I guess 
I haven't climbed the steps in a few months.

Today I stopped on my way home at the hardware store for graffiti remover, 
and obliterated the ugly three-way race-war from the phone box in front of 
Gepetto's.  I guess I just wanted to brag.  And now I have.  Cleaning up 
condoms sounds like less fun.

  -Andrew Farrington
4605 Queensbury Road

On Mon, 27 Nov 2006, kira branson wrote:

> I am wondering what can be about the Calvert Park area alongside 
> Riverdale road nearly across from Riverdale Elementary.
>  Being a nice day I took my lunch from school to the park by the river, 
> something I will not do again anytime soon.  Aside from the trash 
> scattered about, which seems absurd considering the amount of public 
> trash cans, I lost count of the condoms laying about and relationally 
> lost my appetite.
>  I guess it is a good thing that condoms at least are being used but I 
> doubt the park is an appropriate nor legal venue for these activities.
>  I know fences, clocks, parades and politics...thoughtfull growth and 
> development topics are part of this community but down past the historic 
> neighborhoods and brick paved sidewalks, around where the surviving 
> feral hens, cocks and other wild things live, there extends the town of 
> Riversdale and even though we haven't entirely figured out how to 
> integrate different cultures and socio-economic groups in Riverdale let 
> alone the world, to ignore the separateness and coincidentally condom 
> refuse is to prevent the wholesome growth and development of this whole 
> community.
>  What can be done about the nocturnal orgies occurring in the park, 
> should it be a concern for the image of River dale and the healthy 
> living conditions of the people in the surrounding apartments. Is it a 
> reflection of some underlying issue that should be dealt with by our 
> whole community.  In my opinion it is hard for a community to have a 
> healthy self-esteem when it is surrounded by trash reflecting self and 
> communal disrespect.

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