[RP TownTalk] Condoms, etc

Dwight Holmes dwightrholmes at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 19:05:02 UTC 2006

meant this for the list.

On 11/28/06, Dwight Holmes <dwightrholmes at gmail.com> wrote:
> well i think there are a lot of good reasons for more hiker/biker
> trails.  providing well-lit public spaces is not at the top of the
> list, consider it a windfall profit...
> everyday i get through without turning the key to start the car is a
> virtuous day. if we could easily bike to Franklin's in Hyattsville and
> CVS or the bank or whatever in College Park, we'd all be healthier,
> less oil-dependent (which would make us more secure), and i dare say
> our streets would be safer just cuz we'd be spending more time on
> them.
> On 11/28/06, Lou King <lking at knob.com> wrote:
> > Sounds nice. I know my dog would like longer walks. But my question
> > remains; Who pays for the trail, increased security, electricity for
> > lights? It will cost more than a "shiny new quarter" EACH and it will
> > cost every month. What is the trail worth? Leaf pickup? street repair?
> > Christmas decorations?
> >
> > To be honest, am a little confused. Maslow would say if we are concerned
> > about the niceties of hiker/biker trails, personal security must not
> > really be an issue.
> >
> > Lou
> >
> > Dwight Holmes wrote:
> > > oops--my msg got cutoff somehow.  let me try again!
> > >
> > > On 11/28/06, Dwight Holmes <dwightrholmes at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >> I agree. This is also just one more good reason to get the Riverdale
> > >> Park portion of the old trolley line converted to a hiker/biker trail that would connect to Hyattsville/EPA and College Park.  This includes the path that runs along the west side of the CSX tracks, which is one area people have mentioned as being similarly littered.
> > >
> > >>> I think the best thing we can do for that lovely little park is to light
> > >>> it.  I'll bet anyone a shiny new quarter that making it harder to do
> > >>> condom-related activities will decrease the amount of prophylactics in
> > >>> the area.  It's already right there by the police station, so to my mind
> > >>> the "cover of darkness" has to be the big draw for the area.  Let's change
> > >>> it.

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