[RP TownTalk] Election turnout

Roland Walker walker at pobox.com
Fri Nov 10 23:30:54 UTC 2006

> Do we know the Riverdale turnout for this election?

Turnout was not high in Riverdale.  856 votes were cast at our
precinct, vs 930 in the 2002 midterm elections.  A portion of that
difference could be because there were more absentee ballots cast this
year -- I'm still trying to figure if that's true and how much of the
difference could be attributed to absentees.  Voter registration is
higher than in 2002, but not by much.

Of course turnout was much much lower than in a presidential year.  In
2004, 1330 votes were cast at our precinct, and more than 100 by
absentee ballot.

County-wide, turnout was down modestly (about 5%) compared to 2002.
State-wide, turnout was down by a similar number.

You can't do a ward-by-ward analysis from what is published right now
-- you would have to wait a few weeks and order from the county the
complete dataset for precinct 19-01 (which is almost, but not exactly,
equal to Riverdale Park town boundaries).


On 11/10/06, sheila <herb4u at bellatlantic.net> wrote:
> Do we know the Riverdale turnout for this election?  How does it
> compare to previous elections?  Just curious.  I had a feeling that
> there was more interest this year even though it was a non-
> presidential year.  I wouldn't mind a ward by ward either.  Thanks
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