[RP TownTalk] use of the park by the school

Sue Collins wheadle at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 14:15:50 UTC 2006

RE; does anyone actually use the park by the school -
I occasionally have walked by there early in the a.m.,
and on a few occasions in the past, I've seen a
gentleman who apparently lives (lived?) at the apt.
building across the street, and he sits in the park
playing some sort of a stringed musical instrument. 
It's an acoustic instrument, isn't loud, but guess he
either doesn't want to disturb his neighbors or, since
I've seen him during the summer, maybe he just wants
to enjoy a place to sit outside and play.  Even if
people don't actually "use" the green areas in town, I
think we still need to keep them - we're losing far
too many green spaces in this area as it is.  

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