[RP TownTalk] Puppies for sale

Lou King lking at knob.com
Fri Oct 5 19:00:09 UTC 2007

Please note this is not the "cranky old coot." My tongue is squarely 
between my teeth. So I am walking a vary thin line between the moderator 
of this forum (Sarah/Alan standby) and being explicit enough that my 
point is obvious to all.

My original point was/is that:

Bring up the issue of "commercial breeder[s] or broker[s]" puppies in 
the context of Dan and Old Town Pets offering puppies for sale, without 
any reason to indicate that Dan's animals are not from an appropriate 
source, is inflammatory.  This juxtaposition put Dan (or others) 
unnecessarily in the position of needing to defend the business 
practices of Old Town Pets.


There have in fact been several on this forum that have felt the need to 
defend, with facts, Dan's business practices in this regard.

None of this has anything to do with whether or not I agree or disagree 
with Adriane's stand on "factory" raised pets.  I would have had similar 
comments if this thread had started with a 'I hope the pet food is not 
coming from a contaminated source.'

A totally separate point was that this thread could be an example of why 
a business may choose to locate somewhere else.  Using Old Town Pets as 
an example:  Rah! Rah! you are coming here. --- Oh now that you are here 
did I mention the additional requirement of ____ (fill in the blank).

Sorry the Old Coot is banging on the door.

The end of my input on this topic.

Louis King
4504 Queensbury Rd.

Euniverz at aol.com wrote:
> Lou,
> I think I showed a very high level of restraint, actually, since it is 
> a topic with which I happen to have all too much experience.  I will 
> reiterate my statement that selling puppies in pet shop is not 
> necessarily a "good thing".  Many of you may feel that town businesses 
> are of paramount importance, and yes, they are very important and most 
> days I'm right there with you, but in this case my focus will be on 
> the welfare of the pups, their parents and their future.  Together, 
> we're likely to end up in the same place.
> Adrianne
> I made some rather radical statements earlier about why businesses may
> not want to come to town center when "we" keep talking about how "we"
> have control of their investment.  And then I am given an example of how
> quickly public opinion can turn.
> What happened to all the glad handing when Dan announced he was opening
> a pet store in Town Center?  Did anyone check with Dan before flinging
> what may well be an inflammatory red heiring?
> Lou King
>     > Depending on the circumstances, this is not necessarily a good
>     thing. 
>     > I hope these dogs are not coming from commercial breeders or
>     brokers.
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