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Sat Oct 6 15:58:49 UTC 2007

It is amazing that so much energy and effort has been made of one line to  
Town Talk on Wednesday:   

The good news is that Dan, of Old Town Pets in beautiful downtown Riverdale  
Park, does have puppies coming in today. Pet 'em,' pick 'em, buy' em, love  
In retrothink, I wonder if such compassion and emotion were invested in  say, 
humans, that WRC-TV/4's Barbara Harrison would not have to offer up  children 
for adoption -- "Wednesday's Child" -- as she does on Sunday mornings  and 
Wednesday evenings. Those "pets" need good, loving homes too and I  wonder if 
there is as much thought and emotion expended on them as there was in  this 
Just my observation...
Jeffrey Yorke  

In a message dated 10/6/2007 10:10:01 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
Euniverz at aol.com writes:

I'm glad to hear that the pups and kittens are mostly rescues or  
incidentals.  It's not a real surprise because you usually have to "order  in bulk" from 
brokers/puppy dealers.  If anyone is familiar  with Just Puppies in Laurel, 
they receive their puppy deliveries out of  the back of 18-wheeler tractor 
trailers and crates of 6, 7 and 8 week old  babies are off loaded just like cases 
of groceries. It's a seedy business  IMHO.
To contrast, Dan is indeed providing a community service of  sorts.  I just 
hope those animals are winding up in a good  place.  But as a retailer, and as 
a animal business permitted by the  county, it is actually his legally 
regulated responsibility to ensure the  constant good health of the animals in his 
care, especially the puppies and  kittens, and there are pages and pages of 
county code devoted to retail  pet establishments and those requirements.  I have 
no doubt that Dan  would choose to anyway, but he is required to by law to be 
a good caretaker  of his animals.
Thanks for the info on Dan and the puppies; I know the
animals I've  seen in his shop have appeared healthy
and happy; I DIDN'T know he was  doing all of that
extra work to make sure that they remained that way.  
Nice to hear!  

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